Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Albums of 2013

December 31st, 2013

2013 was a exciting year for music and I had a very tough time choosing what I considered 'best', due to my eclectic collection (which I have recently dubbed an 'eclection').
They're the 'best' for me in so many different ways; some 'best' for the dancefloor, road trips, cheering up or mellowing out.  The common denominator is that I loved them, so there's that.

Here are my top 5 albums of 2013 + runner's up, in no particular order because it's nearly impossible to compare my favourite rap, rock, electronic and roots albums in that way.

xx dj mediafrenzy


Ah yeah!  This album just makings me so happy to listen to.  It's rap at it's finest IMO;
clever, lyrical, socially conscious, deep and hopeful.  While Eminem would be screaming obscenities at us through the mic, Shad shares poetry with a smile and a helluva beat.  My favourite tracks include: "Love Means", a duet with the very rad femcee, Eternia from Tdot delving into the complexities of relationships, monogamy and expectation and "Fam Jam" a super upbeat track exploring his roots and place in this world.  I was fortunate enough to open for Shad last year at a small show, EOA, which was quite a treat. His passion for his old London stomping grounds is ever apparent.  He praised and thanked all the lifelong/old friends and faces he saw at the LMH concert on this year's tour.  I wish I could have enjoyed the show more, the melody was lost in the bass, which shook my insides and made the songs almost an unrecognizable vibrating fart.  They should have turned down the bass a tad and let the rest of the elements keep shining. The spoken word during the encore made the hairs on my arm stand on end, so it made it all worth it.

This might just be my most listened to album of 2013.  I picked up a CD copy of this on the way out of town and it stayed on repeat for the whole 4 hour drive.  I wasn't sick of it at the end.  I listened to it more, I want more.  The album, which features the sounds of over 50 different instruments immediately puts you in a relaxed zen state, but holds you entranced and interested, never bored.  Ernest Greene's best work yet.  Good for both late night driving and early morning rising.

The awesome, dark psychedelic side of the the Sadies shines through the most in their latest release.  It still contains a heavy western feel of twang and sorrow, but with such a driving force coming through the instruments.  I do love this album, but the optimum way to fully experience the emotion, strength and endurance in this music is to see 'em live, playing their hearts out through 2 sets and a encore.  "Thank you Ladies and Gentleman, we only have 26 more songs for you tonight."

It's funny how albums grow on you (or you into them).  I really didn't care for this album on first listen: the poppy disco vibe was annoying me, but damn if it wasn't so catchy.  The second listen had me bobbing my head, singing along and looking forward to the next track. I was hooked. My favourite song on the album is the finale, an epic electronic prog symphony called Contact, but the whole album is solid. I still enjoy hearing 'Get Lucky' despite it being overplayed to death on the radio this summer and I always look forward seeing to the next associated music video.

Ooohh, sweet soul.  The horns, the moans, the deep, cool, sexy sounds from Daptone Records.
No, I'm not mistaken, this wasn't recorded in 1973.  But with 2  amazing albums in 3 years, I must say, we are extremely fortunate to have soul music of this calibre being recorded in 2013.  What a voice from Mr. Bradley, and The Menahan Street Band satisfies to the utmost degree.  I hear in Toronto he finished the show and got offstage to give the audience hugs.  

Close Runners Up

My favourite hip hop producer collaborates with a stellar crew here, especially Kirby Dominant and Jeans Boots with their track "Don't Give Up"

Love me some Cults, puts me in a good mood

Beautiful rootsy, bluesy, folk with a strong hint of soul.  She's got a real phenomenal, unique voice. Hopefully 2014 will bring a live show my way.

YES! Dirty, rough, pumping rock and roll.  The old boys have not lost their touch.  Definitely worth checking out.  I'll be missing the concert this spring, but a big 'rock on' to those of you who will witness these legends on potentially (one of?) their last tour(s).  Bluesy 'Loner' wins best track off this one.  The album cover is magical.

Neko singing Nico's 'Afraid'.  That song alone wins this album a place on this list.  Haunting and dramatic…and beautiful.

2014, whatcha got for my ears?

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have the opportunity to teach one of the coolest kids art day camps ever.


It's almost as if this workshop was designed for me to teach it, themes which are near and dear to me. Music and art, so intrinsically tied to convey a thought or feeling. Parents, these are the gems your children should know about; artistic expression, multimedia techniques, what on earth that huge round piece of black vinyl is for...crucial knowledge!

The Art of the Album Cover PA Day Camp Workshop
Friday, June 7th, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at Museum London.

In this camp, kids will not only learn what a record is and play some, they'll create their own creative album covers! LP covers are an outlet for artistic experimentation and the visual image can sell the music inside. Young artists will gain inspiration from the exhibitions, and then work with pop icons to create personalized album covers using a variety of print media. They'll even go home with an LP inside!

Cost: $50 (supporters $45)
For children ages 5 to 12.
Call 519-661-0333 now to register.

Help instil a love for music and the arts in your child by registering them in this workshop.


Friday, January 25, 2013


Many of us were quite saddened by what seemed a sudden closure of the beloved establishment last fall, then we were curious and ecstatic to hear of it's subsequent reopening and collaboration with Brennan's Beer Bistro. Good news for the whole community and great news for me! Not only is the bar in which I play a significant number of my dj gigs reopening downtown, it's also less than a dozen steps from Grooves Record Store, which is both a boon to a dj to have nearby, as well as being one of my many places of employment.

The APK re-launch party will be a very exciting night featuring BA Johnston, who I remember once put on a super fun show in the ol' EVAC Garage; The Sea & City, whose handcrafted CD cases can't be beat; and Wax Mannequin, whose songwriting and stage presence have been mystifying me since near the turn of the millenium. Tough acts to follow.

Lucky for me, my job has a fairly simple goal: Share lots of fantastic music, make a bunch of you get up and dance and perhaps accomodate a request or two, if I happen to have it on wax or if there's a decent wireless connection. New bar, so I' not sure what the set-up will be like. My mixer is getting a tune-up too, so I'm looking forward to getting that back in my hands by then, fingers crossed and needle poised over the groove.

dj mediafrenzy


the apk and half a dino present:
9:00 p.m

spinning tracks until the wee hours

The APK - 347 Clarence St.
(right beside Grooves)