Monday, March 23, 2015

MEDIAFRENZY FRIDAY - 15-03-20 Equinox Eclipse Edition 2015


The Bright Light Social Hour - The Moon
Cat Power - Sun
Tops - Circle the Dark
Caribou - Sun
Purity Ring - Push Pull
The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
The Gandharvas - First Day of Spring
Death Cab for Cutie - Black Sun
Arkells - Come To Light
Echo & The Bunnymen - Killing Moon
Molly Nilsson - Hey Moon
Monsoon - Celestial Oceans
Beck - Blue Moon
Chromatics - Blue Moon
My Brightest Diamond - Looking at the Sun
Morrissey - Sunny
Gord Downie, The Sadies and the Conquering Sun - Crater
The Horrors - First Day of Spring
Twin River - Word to the Wise
Cuff the Duke - Time is Right
Name With No Sound - Circles
Jay Reatard - There is No Sun

Happy Spring and Blessed Ostara!  The sun is shining bright, the snow is melting and the temperature is mild.  This is the equinox, the day when the daylight hours get longer.  It’s also significant because there will be a Supermoon Solar Eclipse (visible in the Northern UK/Europe).  The show is focused on songs about the sun, moon, spring time and light.  DJ Mediafrenzy discusses celestial history, fables, facts and curious tales.  

Congrats to John who won the Mandala - Monsoon CD giveaway and requested Morrissey.  Thanks to Jason for calling in and making some requests that I had on hand!

The show is available to stream, until April 3rd, 2015, here (select ‘previous shows’ tab and the date):, select March 20th 2pm onward (it goes into the Londonindie Undergrounds previous show tab too, 3:30pm)

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Part 1: File is cut off, hoping to locate a proper version

NEXT SHOW IS APRIL 3rd, 2015!  TUNE IN, CALL IN! 94.9FM - 519-661-3600

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Daniel Lanois - Rocco
Daniel Lanois - The End
Show Intro - IWD Edition
Mavis Staples - You are Not Alone
My Brightest Diamond - I am Not the Bad Guy
Belle & Sebastian - Enter Sylvia Plath
Mama Quilla II - Angry Young Woman
So Young - Cock Rock
Babes in Toyland - Swamp Pussy
Bikini Kill - Distinct Complicity
So Young - Bad Kids
Sleater-Kinney - A New Wave
Patti Smith Group - Citizen Ship
PJFF Edition
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
The Do Good Badlies - The Greatest Life Unknown
INTERVIEW WITH GISELLE DIAS - Organizer of Prisoner’s Justice Film Festival
Bastion Soundtrack - Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)
Gil Scott-Heron - Prisoner
Elizabeth Shepherd - What’s Happening
Stars - No One Is Lost

This edition is split between two topics.  In the first half we celebrate International Women’s Day, playing songs to inspire and empower.  Local events are mentioned and an excerpt is read from a article (Reimagining Feminism on International Women’s Day).

A few corrections: I mentioned International Women’s Day was ‘tomorrow’, but that was in error.  The events were taking place the next day (tomorrow/saturday), but IWD itself is Sunday, March 8th.  Also, So Young’s concert at Call the Office is on March 21st, not April 21st!  My bad!  

The second half of the show is dedicated to the Prisoner’s Justice Film Festival.  Songs about freedom, incarceration and injustice are played.  Giselle Dias phones in for an on-air interview discussion the Prisoner’s Justice Film Festival; It’s history, raison d’ĂȘtre and what to expect if you attend the various events.  Visit for all the details or like them on Facebook here:

Congrats to Dawn who won the Elizabeth Shepherd CD giveaway.  Thanks to Dan for calling in and appreciating the Patti Smith track, I’ll bring some Joan Baez for you next time!

The show is available to stream, until March 13th, 2015, here (select ‘previous shows’ tab and the date): The timing is weird since the daylight savings change, so select March 6th 3pm onward (it goes into the Londonindie Underground's previous show tab too, 4:30pm)

Here are the direct links to make it easier for you!