Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Musical Borders

Those of you who know me, or have been following my blog thus far have probably figured out that I like a variety of musical genres. I particularly get excited about groups and artists that push the envelope, creating a musical sound that many wouldn't expect to blend as well as it can. It's why I really dig groups like hip hop producer Factor & folk artist Gregory Pepper's collaboration Common Grackle, or London's hip hop funk rock fusion band Two Crown King (many former members from one of my fave college bands, Grand Poo Bah).

Below is a link to the brand new video from a Toronto based ensemble My Son the Hurricane, 13 talented musicians, known for combining a hip hop MC with one a helluva horn section. In this clip they do something a little different than their norm, and I can tell that they definitely had fun with it. The text in the posted link is by local music promoter and music media producer Chedo, with the Come Up Show. Check out some of his other video posts and interviews if you want to find out more about the Ontario hip hop music scene.


Since I'm trying to relate my blog posts to something personal in my life, I guess this is a good time to commit to type my desire to learn some beat-boxing flute skills in this new year. I've been meaning to make some flute loops for rhyming along with, and beat box seems to be the obvious advancement on that.

So, if you encounter me wandering downtown or waiting for a bus, don't be surprised if you hear some strange undecipherable noises emanating from my lips. I'm a beginner, don't judge!


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