Sunday, January 15, 2017

Soundtrack of my Pre-teens

Get ready for a trip down memory lane to the mid 1990s!

These are all cassettes still in my collection (except the #10, my first CD and the Honourable Mention) In 1994 and 1995 there would be dances at the Youth Centre in my small hometown of 1200 people. Many of these cassette tapes would come along, labelled with my name on masking tape to give to the DJs to play. This was my first foray in providing music for the masses. (Not listed in order of importance). I did not have cable, so I would not have seen any of these videos at the time, but I've included them for your listening pleasure!

1. Dance Mix ’94 (Featuring “I Like to Move it Move it” among other embarrassing dance songs this compilation was my 2nd foray into dance music, after ‘Technotronic’ which deserves mention)

2. Dance Mix ’95 (Saturday Night and Macarena were played at every single dance in 1995, always)

3. TLC - CrazySexyCool (Waterfalls was a schoolyard hit. We knew all the words, but not how to talk to boys)

4. Salt n’ Pepa - A Blitz of Salt-N-Pepa Hits: The Hits Remixed (I didn’t know exactly what Shoop meant, but I knew I wanted to, baby! The love of old school hip hop I have today, can be traced back to this tape and I still DJ these songs!)

5. Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill (A Canadian woman in the mainstream, who is this miracle person!? Let’s sing along and be angsty like her!)

6. Cranberries - No Need to Argue (not a tape for the dances, but one I remember fondly playing in my walkman on long car rides to drown out the chatter of my parents. I love the Cranberries (and my parents) now more than ever.)

7. Presidents of the USA - s/t (The album when I learned bands didn’t have to take themselves seriously and you could write a silly song about anything and make it a hit. “Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man”)

8. The Offspring - Smash (I bought this at the Music World in Pickering Town Centre mall, brought it back to my aunts house, put it in my 6 year old cousins pink cassette player and blared ‘Bad Habit’, including the swears!)

9. Green Day - Dookie (Rounding out my pre-teens I fondly remember singing Basketcase with all my friends during our Grade 7 grad trip to the Skydome. The Jays lost, but we were leaving public school and on top of the world! I also love that I sell the new Green Day album to 11 year olds today!)

10. Oasis - What’s the Story, Morning Glory (MY FIRST CD. This was kind of a big deal. My family was late in the game getting a CD player. I bought the CD brand new and took it to my neighbour’s sweet 16 birthday party. This was a huge opportunity for me, being only 12, to prove my worth and coolness as a teen, not a dorky kid (which, let's be real I still very much was). Anyways, the CD went over well, the older kids liked it. I was accepted and had plenty of bad influences for years to come. Mission accomplished!)

Honourable mention: Live - Throwing Copper. (I didn’t actual own this CD, but borrowed it from a friend and we all experienced and/or comforted a friend during some heart wrenching meltdown at one point or another at the dances when “Lightening Crashes” came on)

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